Never miss out on that perfect job again!

Have you ever hesitated to apply for a job because it had some Excel skills requirements that you didn’t think you had?

Starting from RIGHT NOW, that thinking is OVER. You will never, ever hesitate to apply to a job that you want just because of the Excel skills listed in the required skills section.

How do I know that this is the case? Because I’m here to tell you exactly WHY and HOW you are going to overcome any fears and hesitations that you have about going for that job. Plus, I’m going to offer you my full support personally and individually to you to help you confidently apply to that job that you want.

WHY you are going to overcome your fears and hesitations and apply for that job:

#1: Because that job NEEDS YOU
You looked at the job listing because you have something to offer to that role, that team, and that organization. Your unique skills, knowledge, and experience will bring you and the work to new heights, because you are awesome you! One little set of information like “Excel skills” should NOT be the thing that keeps you from being a success and high-achiever in that job you want.

#2: Because you CAN learn any Excel skills that they require
I know it can seem hard and overwhelming, but I promise you - learning Excel is not the same as learning brain surgery or biochemical engineering. Excel skills are completely, 100% available and achievable for EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this world to learn and master. And it won’t take you years to do it or a special degree program. It can happen as quickly as you want it to.

#3: Because if I could do it, then SO CAN YOU.
Check out my (very condensed) story: I went to college for theater of all things, and ended up with a degree in literature. The first 5 years of my working life I worked in book publishing and used basically no technology - I definitely didn’t touch Excel. So basically I started from ZERO. Then I made a career change and had to learn it all on the fly. It took me a bunch of trial and error and longer than I would have liked, but now my resume includes titles like “Senior Director of Data and Technology” and I started a business teaching other people how to use Excel and other technology. How did I do it? The same way that you are about to, just faster (with my help).

HOW you are going to overcome your fears and hesitations and apply for that job:

#1: The first thing that you are going to do is get clear on how much value you have to offer to any job, regardless of whatever your Excel skills are right now. I want you to get out some paper or open your favorite note-taking app and start writing down all of the reasons why you SHOULD get this job. That means everything you bring to the role - your energy, your passion, your experience, your strengths, and everything else that makes you great. Don’t worry at all about the things you think you can’t do or don’t know how to do. Just talk about all the positive stuff.

#2: Next, I want you to google the phrase “how to learn Excel” - and gasp at the 723,000,000 results that you get back. I promise you that you can learn this stuff, and that there are UNLIMITED resources out there for you. Of course, I don’t want you feeling overwhelmed by any of this. In fact, I usually suggest that people DON’T google for Excel help before they take my free email course, Mastering the Excel Mindset, which includes a lesson on “googling for Excel”. But I do want you to feel that this isn’t secret knowledge that only some special people have access to - you can definitely find the answers to your questions out there.

#3: Finally, I want you to update your resume to say that you have “proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel”. THIS IS NOT A LIE. I truly believe that every single person who can open a computer and type on it has (or can gain in one day) proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite, and Excel. What does proficiency mean? WHO KNOWS! Seriously, there isn’t a clean-cut definition. And since you are totally capable of learning any of this quickly, you might as well let your potential employer rest at ease that you can use your ability to learn.

There you go!! You are ready to apply for that job...

...or at least you are ready to overcome your fears and hesitations about the Excel skills part of it. Congratulations!! Now you just need to go out and get your Excel learning on. I did this myself after I had gotten a job that I was ridiculously under-qualified for in terms of Excel knowledge. It took me a lot of hours of work - googling, asking friends, trial & error, and learning that I needed to shift my mindset about learning and using Excel before I was ever able to master the technical parts of it. I want you to get there faster and easier than I did! Here are a few ways that I can support you on your path to your next great job:

  1. Take my FREE email course, Mastering the Excel Mindset, and get the information you need to shift your mindset and set you up for success with learning technical Excel stuff.
  2. Go deeper and enroll in my online course, Stronger, Better, Faster, Stronger: Smash Your Excel Fears and Take Control of Your Spreadsheets. You’ll get a step-by-step process for how to do ANYTHING you want in Excel, plus added bonus technical trainings and discounts on further support 1-on-1 with me.
  3. Work with me 1-on-1 now! Does your job application require an Excel exercise? Did your potential employer surprise you with one as part of the process? Or maybe you just want some individual support to learn and grow your Excel skills now, or when you are starting in your new job? Schedule time to talk with me about my 1-on-1 support options.