Why Batman would totally kick-ass using Excel

You’ve got superhero powers and you will put them to use to change the world.

I’ve got your success on my mind big-time, and it is all because of these little boots:


Aren’t those just too cute? They came with a little cape on the back, too!! But anyway, what could these boots possibly have to do with Excel? As I watched my daughter start to put them on, I thought about how Batman is that special superhero who doesn’t actually have any superpowers. He is scrappy and put together his crime-fighting empire based on a vision to deliver justice. That is really all you need to succeed with Excel - a vision. If you can dream up something you want to accomplish, some way you want to change the world, something that you know you need to get done, then you can make that come to life in Excel. Once you can articulate your vision, nothing is impossible. I’ve seen the cool tools that my clients have been able to build in Excel once they imagine what they want - tools that help them manage donors and budgets, gain insights into their impacts in the community, keep them on track with their projects and goals, and so many other supports for their world-changing work.

You are Batman - what is your vision?

If you need help articulating that vision, I’d love to support you! I am launching my new online course Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger: Smash Your Excel Fears and Take Control of Your Spreadsheets and I am looking for beta learners to help me make it the most impactful Excel learning that you’ve ever had. The first module of the course is learning how to craft your vision in Excel. If you’d like to be a beta learner and get the ENTIRE COURSE FOR FREE, you can apply here now .

I can’t wait to see you bring your vision into reality!