Can You Make Excel Work For You?

What is it about Excel that can make people pull their hair out?

Whether it is numbers not adding up right or forgetting how to do that one thing you want to do - it can be overwhelming and frustrating to the point that you just give up.

Excel is a tool that almost everyone is using or trying to use, but that most people don’t know how to use it, don’t like using it, or spend too much time not getting enough benefit out of it. This is especially true for people who aren’t “techies” or whose backgrounds and strengths are in areas other than technology. For a lot of people, just learning the technical parts of Excel just doesn’t cut it. Some of it will sink in, but most of it will be forgotten. Inevitably, they will hit snags, get unexpected results, and be super frustrated. In the end, they would keep on doing things manually - like counting things up by hand or doing a ton of copy-and-pasting - that would take forever and still end up with lots of time-consuming errors and mistakes.

After years of teaching people of all backgrounds and skills how to use Excel, I’ve heard all of the reasons why Excel is hard and frustrating to work with. But I’ve also seen even the most techno-phobic people turn the corner and see the benefits of overcoming their frustrations and fears. So if learning just the technical pieces doesn’t cut it, how can non-tech people learn how to use Excel to its fullest benefit? I’ve worked with hundreds of people on getting over their roadblocks by teaching them the mindsets that can lead anyone to success in using Excel. These mindsets are all about Making Excel Work For You. Not making you work for Excel, and not making Excel work for anyone else’s needs. Making it work FOR YOU. Now you can get the same coaching in an online course that lets you go at their own pace.

This course isn’t for everyone.

If you are someone who knows that you need to use a vlookup formula, can search on the internet for instructions on how to do it, follow the instructions, and figure out how to make it work for you, then you are doing great and you don’t need this course! You do need this course if you have tons of other strengths but have struggled to learn and use Excel. After taking this course, you will have the key mindset approaches to Excel that will let you:

  • Be confident doing anything in Excel

  • Work through any errors you might encounter

  • Break down your big ideas into attainable steps

  • Work faster and more efficiently in your spreadsheets

  • Never give up on finding a solution

  • Celebrate the progress you make in your learning

  • Turn the boring parts of Excel into fun challenges

  • Build trust in your data

But the number one thing that you’ll get out of this course is that you will be able to be your own teacher in the future - you will be in control of your learning and continuing to make Excel work for you.

And of course, you will learn the important technical pieces, too, including:

  • Simple and advanced sorting and filtering

  • Freezing rows and columns from the scroll

  • Keyboard shortcuts to save you tons of time

  • The most frequently used AND the most useful formulas

  • Absolute and relative references (those little $ in formulas)

  • How to create charts and graphs

  • PivotTables

  • Conditional formatting

  • Tips & Tricks that will make you love Excel

With the mindsets and technical skills you will learn from this course, you will be able to smash your Excel fears and take control of your spreadsheets.

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