The Best Exercise in the World

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the best exercise to do that will help me lose weight, get stronger, or tone up?

I honestly can’t remember where I first heard the answer to this question when I asked it for myself. So if you’ve heard this answer before somewhere, let me know the origin story! But there is actually an answer to this that has worked miracles for me. It has saved me hours of time I would have wasted doing the wrong exercise and helped me work out more, get more adrenaline and happiness from my workouts, and develop better habits for exercise and healthy living in general. What is this super secret exercise with magical powers?

The best exercise in the world is the one that you will actually do.

I know it sounds like a simple answer, but it really has changed my life. Runners look really healthy and committed and I want to be one - but I hate running. Every time I tried to do it as an exercise I ended up hating the time I spent doing it and inevitably abandoned it. But when I found something I loved doing, something that I am happy to find the time in my schedule to do, something that inspires me to be better and stronger - that is when I started to hit my weight goals, get more energy, and feel generally great. For me, that was SoulCycle. Whether you love it or hate it really doesn’t matter. I love it, and more importantly I actually DO it, so it is the right exercise for me.
(Side note: Just because I hate running now doesn’t mean I always will. People change all the time, so it is great to try things more than once).

Have you ever asked Google what is the best way to do something in Excel?

It is pretty common for anyone using Excel (myself included) to use Google to learn how to do something in the program. And when you do, you can be bombarded with different kinds of resources - websites with hundreds of articles about how to do things in Excel, YouTube channels filled with videos of people teaching Excel skills, forums with people exchanging information about Excel, and even Pinterest accounts (mine included) with images related to your Excel question. So, what is the best resource out there for learning Excel? Because let’s be clear:

Everything you need to learn how to do technically in Excel is available on the internet, for free.

So which resources should you be using? What will give you the best learning and get you using Excel like a tech pro? I’m sure you’re not surprised when I say:

The best Excel resource in the world is the one that you will actually use.

Let me be honest, I have a really hard time sitting through YouTube videos about Excel. I can’t for the life of me pay attention long enough to learn anything. I’m constantly switching to a different tab while a video is open, fast-forwarding to try to find what I really wanted to learn, and just tuning out when I’m staring at the screen. YouTube videos are not the way for me to learn anything about Excel. Instead of forcing myself to watch them, I go to the resources that work for me, which are the more techie blogs and forums like StackExchange. I also go to some really great Excel-focused websites like, ExcelJet, and ExcelZoom. All of these resources offer basically all of the information you could ever want about the technical aspects of Excel, for free.

If anything you need to learn about Excel is already out there for free, why isn’t everyone an Excel pro?

The information might be out there, but it might not be presented in the way that works best for your learning. I might be missing out on tons of amazing videos about Excel tips & tricks, but I can get basically the same information in a different format and in a way that works best for me.

But I’ve learned that for a lot of people, especially anyone working in education or non-profit work, the resources out there just don’t speak to them. It is all there, but it isn’t very helpful when you are trying to learn how to accomplish something in Excel. I’ve also learned that searching through a ton of Excel resources can be frustrating and tiring, and leaves people with a sense of having wasted their time.

Everyone has the abilities to be an Excel pro - they just need the mindsets to be able to learn the technical skills.

When I was first learning Excel, I found that I had to change my perspective about myself and how I learn to be able to master the technical skills that are explained in those free resources I mentioned. No matter what your skill level or comfort level is in Excel, if you have the right mindsets for learning, you can make Excel work for you.

If you’ve ever felt like there are an overwhelming number of resources out there about Excel, and you haven’t found most of them very helpful in your learning - let me know! Hit reply and tell me about what you’ve tried to do, what was confusing, what you wished would have been different. And if you are ready to learn new mindsets and get a fresh perspective on learning and using Excel, let’s set up time to chat!