Hello, World!

Hi, I'm Emily. I am living proof that it does not matter what your background is or how un-tech savvy you think you are, you CAN learn how to make Excel work for you.

Want to impress your colleagues? Switch careers? Get back into the workforce? Spend less time messing with Excel and more time doing what you love to do? It is my mission to bring Excel learning to everyone who needs it, especially anyone working in non-profit or education.


When I first started learning how to use Excel, I was starting from ZERO. I studied literature and music theater in college, and my first job was in book publishing, where I did almost everything on printed paper, so, no Excel at all. Then I made a career change and had to learn how to use it - fast! It wasn't easy, but along the way I figured out a few things about how to make learning Excel a whole lot easier. Now I coach people on how to up their Excel game to all new levels.